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NewPlan works with technology-driven companies that aspire to become market leaders. Many of our clients have reached a critical inflection point and needs to raise funds, scale rapidly, maximize performance, or achieve an exit. We deliver strategy, marketing, sales, and interim management services that enable our clients to maximize their operating velocity and enterprise value.

We have worked with over 300 companies ranging from early stage start-ups to fast-growing divisions of Fortune 1000 companies and have consistently produced superior results:

  • Raised over $600 million in early and growth stage funding.

  • Multiple high-value exits that richly rewarded shareholders and employees.

  • Rapid improvements in sales performance.

  • Substantially improved profitability.

  • Increased market share.

  • Improved operating efficiency.

Our Services

Strategic Advisory

We assess the current state of your company and then help your company develop a crisp, clear, and compelling vision, mission, organizational structure, and milestones to succeed in the marketplace. 


We help companies and management teams tackle the specific day-to-day issues that get in the way of progress. Our approach is to target the processes where improvement can make a difference in company performance in the short-term.  This includes sales, business development, product management, technology development, and general management.

Interim Management

We assume a temporary leadership role to help companies restructure operations, improve corporate culture, and achieve key business milestones. We can assume both CEO-level and departmental leadership roles. Our assignments generally last 6 to 12 months. 


We combine upfront planning, management coaching, and the development of transaction documents to enable your company to achieve critical objectives, including raising funds to enable growth, scaling to achieve lasting market leadership, repositioning in a difficult market, and achieving a high value exit.

Our Successes

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Acceller (Now Bridgevine) - Growth-Focused Scaling Leads to Merger to Pursue Digital Services Market Expansion

We served as Acceller's outsourced head of strategy for seven years - helping Acceller grow revenues by 10x, dramatically enhance its management team and employee base, and expand its customer base to close to 100 percent of the addressable market. Acceller merged with its largest competitor, Bridgevine, in a high value transaction in 2013.

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iGov, Inc. - Extreme Business Transformation in Government Contracting

We served as the outsourced Head of Strategy at iGov for three and a half years - helping the company make the toughest business transformation in government contracting: Moving from a product Value Added Reseller to a provider of advanced Engineering Services.  Along the way, we worked with iGov to upgrade management, put in place new sales and service delivery processes, and transform to a services-focused culture.


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StoredIQ (Now IBM) - Instant Leadership for IBM in the Fast-Growing Information Lifecycle Management Applications Market

We served as the outsourced Head of Strategy for four and a half years - working with company formulate a compelling and durable strategy, achieve several fundraising events, recruit new management team members, put in places processes for scaling, and support the sale of the company to IBM in 2013. 

What Our Clients Say

We have used NewPlan to speed our transition from a product reseller to IT services business model. NewPlan has helped us greatly with our strategy, solution packaging, daily operations, and organization structure. Peter has been with us every step of the way, and, with their help, our transition is complete.
— Patrick Neven, CEO, iGov, Inc.
NewPlan worked with us to create a strategy that was right for the market and stood the test of time. NewPlan blended well with our culture and served as a critical advisor for me and my entire team and helped us work through a lot of high pressure situations successfully. And he provided important input that led us to our sale to IBM.
— James Schellhase, CEO, StoredIQ, Inc.
We worked with NewPlan for many years. They helped us to crystalize our strategy, set our operating priorities, and meet the right people in the marketplace to move the Company forward. As a result, we were able to execute a high value merger with Bridgevine that positions us for future growth.
— Steven McKean, CEO, Acceller, Inc.
NewPlan was a great deal of help positioning NSI in the marketplace prior to going out for a capital raise. With NewPlan’s help, we developed an investor package that was clean, concise and conveyed the message we needed to get across. We successfully raised $5 million. We leveraged that capital to grow rapidly, and, a couple of years later, Nuance acquired us in a high value exit.
— Mehdi Tehranchi, CEO, Notable Solutions, Inc.

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