NewPlan, LLC



NewPlan has worked with the CEOs and Boards of over 300 companies to develop clear, concise strategies that employees, customers, and investors can embrace and execute. The results have been dramatic:  Our clients have raised over $600 million in early and growth stage funding, and many have achieved high value exits either through M&A transactions or spin outs from larger corporations.

Transaction & Business Planning. We bring together upfront planning, management coaching, and the development of transaction documents to enable your company to achieve critical objectives, including:

  • Raising funds to enable execution

  • Scaling your business to achieve lasting market leadership

  • Repositioning in a difficult market

  • Achieving a high-value exit

Our deliverables include:

  • Business Plan - is a comprehensive approach to creating the document that is used to make transaction decisions. It provides a complete view of a business and enables investors and buyers to assess quickly whether they are interested in "taking the next step" with the company. The transaction cycle is shortened, and the client's story becomes more polished and remains consistent throughout the transaction process.

  • Corporate Presentation and Executive Summary - are what our clients use to create initial interest in the transaction market. Both documents provide a high-level view of a company's strategy and operations and demonstrate to potential investors or buyers a professional approach to its market, products, customers, competitors, and finances.

  • Financial Model - puts the business into numbers by providing a detailed picture of expected revenues, costs, and business assumptions over the next 3 to 5 years. The model is what makes the business plan real showing through numbers that management's plan is sane and achievable.

  • Transaction Plan - identify the candidates for your transaction. For fundraising, it's the list of funds and appropriate partners that would have interest in the company. For M&A transactions, it's the collection of likely buyers, which we work with you to rate and rank based on a number of factors, such as product fit, available cash, and cultural compatibility. If needed, we'll help you find the right investment banker based on market expertise, track record, and cultural fit with your company.

Strategic Advisory. We assess the current state of your company and then help your company develop a crisp, clear, and compelling vision, mission, organizational structure, and milestones to succeed in the marketplace. Our deliverables include:

  • Strategic Assessment - work with Board members and senior executives to assess the performance of the Company and make recommendations for performance improvements. A Company usually undertakes a Strategic Assessment when it faces tough resource allocation decisions or needs to respond to difficult competitive challenges. Assessments are concise, fact-based, and contain specific recommendations to improve operations or market positioning.

  • Strategic Planning - manages the process of developing a Company's manages the process of developing a Company's mission and vision, we analyze the market and competition, position the Company appropriately, work through product management and marketing issues, create a viable go-to-market approach, put in place sales and BD goals, and establish key operating milestones. We conduct a financial analysis to make sure that the plan is achievable based on the expected financial strength of the Company. Senior Executives and the Board use our plans to measure the success of the Company on a quarterly and annual basis.

Operations Advisory. We help companies and management teams tackle the specific day-to-day issues that get in the way progress. Our approach is to target the processes where improvement can make a difference in company performance in the short-term whether in sales, business development, product management, technology development, or general management. Typical results include:

  • Improved sales and BD execution with a stronger pipeline, higher win rate, and greater knowledge of customer needs.

  • On time, on-budget delivery of new products that meet customer needs.

  • Effective management of transforming events, such as scaling of operations, market re-positioning, re-organizations, and improvements in internal communications.